Sustainability is important, both socially and environmentally, and as an organization we are committed to sustainable practices and supporting causes that matter to us, our clients and our communities.

We offer our time through the volunteer spirit of our employees to organizations that are dedicated to making the world a better place, through varying initiatives in health and education, art and culture, and the environment. We partner with local non-profit organizations to help them optimize their business and technology strategies through our volunteer or consulting services. We work to deliver high-impact, breakthrough results by pioneering creative strategies and practices, while leveraging our network of like-minded professionals who have an interest in our community. 

Our consultants bring expertise from a wide variety of industries, we understand that collaboration is a key attribute, and work to deliver  superior results. We bring significant knowledge of the community, so we combine our insights and vantage points to develop a personalize plan that is right for you, whether it be in community marketing strategies, digital brand management or community leadership. We can help with:

  • Nonprofit leadership 
  • Community leadership 
  • Social change 
  • Sustainability consulting