Business Intelligence represents the tools that are used to analyze an organizations raw data. Using that raw data, you gain the capability to make better business decisions, identify new and innovative business opportunities and reduce costs, which will result in a stronger competitive advantage. From a technology perspective, business intelligence is used to help identify ineffective business processes, which can then be redesigned. "Do more with less" is our moto when it comes to the impact the right Business Intelligence has on any company.

Many organizations can simply give you a tool for business intelligence, at Collabo, we expand beyond simply the dashboards and reporting to truly give you a 360 degree view of your business, which gives you the capability to develop a strategy that will drive breakthrough results for your organization. We make it simpler to aggregate and visualize your data in a consumable fashion.  You gain the ability to uncover industry trends, uncover new insights and continuously fine-tune your business operations to meet and exceed business objectives.

Collabo Systems offers a full service business intelligence solution, which includes:

  • BI Discovery and Planning Services
  • BI Data Warehouse Solutions
  • Business Analysis Services
  • BI Reporting Services
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Data analysis and interpretation for business initiatives