The bigger risks to your business today are mainly internal from your decision-making processes and procedures to your investment decisions and people management. The executive management layer understands the value of assessing and managing risk. Your external risks are cyclical in nature due to our energy based economy and they are often more obvious than our internal risks. Due to increased business complexity, the importance of risk mitigation has increased. 

Collabo has developed a sophisticated governance structure for you projects to help you provide oversight, direction and quality control over technology or business driven initiatives. We identify, assess and deal with risk methodically, with a combination of the likelihood and consequences of an event occurring. We help you with understanding your organizations risks, and provide actionable advice and support to businesses that are looking for risk management. We use our multi-disciplinary approach and the implementation of technology, proven business processess and procedures to identify and mitigate risk, while ensuring a seamless transition. We offer services in, 

  • Operational risk management 
  • Cyber security 
  • Corporate risk management 
  • Business Intelligence services